My name is Rebecca Doris, and I built this website with the help of Google Maps Javascript APIs and the Laravel framework. The website author, Rebecca Doris, stands on a hill in the woods wearing a light pink coat. Boston Fare Hikes is the capstone project towards the completion of my ALM in Digital Media Design at Harvard University. I live in Somerville, Massachusetts without a car.

The seeds of this idea were planted in December 2015, when on an impulse I went for a winter walk in Mount Auburn Cemetery guided by Clare Walker Leslie. I was struck by Leslie's words on the solace of nature. I often returned to the Mount Auburn Cemetery throughout winter 2016 for peace, comfort, and gentle exercise.

My red Bean boots on the ground covered in dead leaves and acorns. When spring approached, I wanted to explore other natural spaces independently. Since I don't own a car, that required some research. I found that the information about T-accessible hikes was scarce, scattered, or outdated. Boston Fare Hikes would rectify that. At the end of spring 2016, I submitted my capstone proposal. I spent the entire summer 2015 visiting all of the locations featured on this website, relying entirely on the MBTA!

My hope is that Boston Fare Hikes will be a useful resource for car-free Bostonians looking for some active serenity.