The Potential Dangers of Hiking

I am not an expert survivalist, medical doctor, or professional anything. I always recommend bug spray, sunscreen and snacks, but I cannot take responsibility if you meet with some kind of misfortune while hiking, such as poison ivy, an inconsiderate tree branch, or navigational confusion.

I have visited every destination described on this website, but I have not scoured every square inch of them. The "Climb" rating of each hike is based on my subjective view as a young woman of above average activity levels with below average athletic coordination. You might find my intense climbs easy, and you might find my moderate climbs quite difficult. None of these hikes include actual tectonic or volcanic, thousand-foot high mountains: most are hundred-foot hills formed by glacial ice deposits. (Usually, they are drumlins, but sometimes they are eskers.)

Please speak to a professional if you are concerned about your fitness levels. Please contact Bear Grylls if you are afraid you will get lost or eaten by a coyote.

The Reliability of the MBTA

Unfortunately Google is not infallible, and the MBTA is imperfect. I cannot guarantee that the schedule provided in the transit directions will be 100% accurate. However, I do find that Google's transit directions are accurate most of the time. Please check the MBTA website for any service interruption information.